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Natural bamboo fiber drinking bottle

✔ Made of natural bamboo fiber making it biodegradable and eco friendly

✔ Leak proof - It has a silicone ring, making it leak proof

✔ Easy to carry- It has a nylon band making it easy to carry around

✔ Suitable for hot and cold beverages

✔ Lighter than plastic

✔ Twist off lid

✔ Durable

✔ Mold resistant

✔ 500 ml - the perfect size to keep you hydrated

✔ Microwave and dishwasher safe 

🌎 By using our reusable drinking bottle, you can drink more and help the environment by reducing single-use plastic waste 

If you feel like moving to a more sustainable consumption- our bottle is exactly for you! 

🕐 We offer 60 day return policy


  • 0.5L/16oz
  • Made of bamboo fiber
  • Easy to carry
  • Has a nylon band
  • Weight- 0.25 kg
  • Height: 19 cm/7.5 in
  • Twist off lid


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